Flex Solutions, LLC

Flex Solutions, LLC is a multifaceted creative agency and leadership consulting group that specializes in the strategic development and implementation of personal and corporate branding. Equal parts content influencers and conscious leaders, the team at Flex Solutions, LLC leverages years of business to business, consumer marketplace, not-for-profit and higher education experience to provide wrap around services ranging from marketing and communications to brand and reputation management and media training with one key differentiator; the catalyst of personal coaching!

If you are interested in connecting with the team at Flex Solutions, LLC to explore more about personal and corporate branding, media training and how coaching can embed the SOUL of story into the HEART of what matters for your brand, follow the link to schedule a FREE, no obligation Concept Clarity Call at your earliest convenience.

Communications Consulting, Personal Brand and Media Training

Personal branding is an essential part of being a business leader and ultimately promotes trust in the company you lead.

Connecting a socially relevant personal brand to strategically grow your business or to provide nimble and consistent crisis response begins by assessing how the SOUL of your organizational story reveals the HEART of matters for your clients and stakeholders.

Flex Solutions, LLC exists to guide any individual leader, executive leadership team or governing board in any sector to transform their brand and their organization to exist for the sake of others.

Dr. Mark Kolkman and his associates masterfully guide anyone who aspires to build a conscientious brand into a movement that dramatically influences workplace culture to foster creativity, work more collaboratively, and perpetually embed durability into the corporate community.

Mark Kolkman is a licensed professional educator, transformational coach, wordsmith and fine artist. He and his associates specialize in working with fun, successful clients who are searching for a coach, accountability partner and guide to make substantive changes in the forward and public face of their personal, business or product brand.

Flex Solutions, LLC offers one-on-one, executive and cohort model peer coaching for fun, motivated and successful people aspiring to further elevate and promote their personal brand and to drive entire organizations to embed behavioral changes system-wide.

We deliver the HEART of quantitative results through the SOUL of qualitative story.

If you are interested in connecting to explore more about how The Back to Better Process could transform your personal brand, increase your social savvy and brand conscious media training, then don’t hesitate to book a FREE, no obligation Concept Clarity Call.

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