Back to Better: Transformation Cycle

The Back To Better mission and framework has NEVER been more relevant to the public narrative in every community than during the isolation and trauma of COVID-19 and the tragic deaths of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery in the Spring of 2020.

Transformation of the head, heart and hands and the reconciliation necessary to heal our Nation will not take root, spout or grow where there is disconnection, isolation or contempt for others.

In issues where taking sides has no redemptive value, the BackToBetter community three strong alternative courses of action: grace, mercy and justice, for all and for the sake of others.

The sustained hard work of transformation of our physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual selves BEGINS when once disparate individuals, communities, counties or countries move outside or our respective comforts zones to work one ourselves first, then TOGETHER – and for the sake of others.

In unison, some must stand down but still find ways to speak up. Others must sit down, not speak, listen up and use access to influence change.

Please join our #BackToBetter movement.

Better begins OUTSIDE of the COLLECTIVE COMFORT ZONE and doesn’t end.

This is not a NEW NORMAL, it is the TRUE NORMAL = LOVE leads the way ever, only and always.