Back To Better: Consulting and Coaching

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Dr. Mark Kolkman has excelled professionally as an educator, executive leader and entrepreneur. He is the Founder and CSO (Chief Solution Officer) of Flex Solutions, LLC and a transformational coach specializing in working with successful clients who recall the success they once achieved and the value they gained from being well-coached as an apprentice, performing artist or student-athlete.

The team at Flex Solutions, LLC listens to the SOUL of the story to reveal the HEART of what matters for your business!

As a group of transformational consultants, Mark and his associates share one overarching purpose; to serve as a masterful guides for anyone who aspires to transform their business, leadership or personal brand into a conscientious workplace culture that equally entwines the purpose of vocational success with the priorities of physical health, emotional strength and spiritual wellbeing for all employees.

Flex Solutions, LLC individualizes the proprietary Back To Better Process so each client gains clarity, core competencies and company-wide solutions with one key differentiator: the power of transformational coaching!

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Whether in the workplace, his professional network, community of faith or while relaxing at the local Starbucks, Mark is always looking for new ways to add value to others so they can live a burgeoning and relevant lifestyle at home and at work!

Back to Better People Practices Consulting

Human Capital Management (HCM) is considered an essential part of every organization that considers its employees as unique human beings and valuable individuals.

Individualized Human Capital, Climate and Culture Consulting includes:

  • Policy Review: Exhaustive review of current Human Resource policies and procedures.
  • Best Practices: Conduct a comprehensive gap analysis and Back to Better solutions targeted at each area of need.
  • Qualitative Reporting: Providing up to 5 all day Back to Better Listen Sessions on-site or virtually with entire team, department or working group.
  • Professional Development: Nurture and develop the integrity of your workplace with Back to Better People Practices trainings that honor individuals and increase employee engagement.
  • Risk Assessment: Mitigation of future risks through effective compliance management with Back to Better workplace culture, employee covenant and manager protocol professional development.
  • Crisis Planning and Media Training: Thorough review of existing emergency and crisis response plans, including internal and external communication protocols and spokesperson training and development.
  • Branding: Back to Better assistance in building a strong brand lived out by employees, known by competitors and attractive to top talent.
  • Talent Acquisition: Implementation of The Back to Better recruitment process, which can include complete outsourcing of the function, or consultation on specific aspects of talent acquisition including corporate branding, onboarding, pre-employment screening, predictive assessments and candidate competency models.


  • The Premium Back to Better Transformational Consulting Package includes a minimum 6-month commitment for private consulting.


Personalized Back to Better Transformational Coaching includes:

  • An initial 2 hour Listening, Planning and Collaboration Call
  • (2) 60-min one-on-one Transformational Coaching Sessions each month
  • (2) 60 minute Transformation Community Acceleration calls
  • A weekly Accountability Check-in to monitor progress or add course correction
  • Unlimited Private Support via email or text message
  • Lifetime access to The Back to Better Virtual Cohort


  • The Premium Back to Better Transformational Coaching Package includes a 6-month commitment for private coaching.


Transformation will begin today for someone! Why not explore how it CAN be YOU by imagining your preferred future with the help of a Transformational Coach. Your personal 50-minute Clarity Call with Mark is only one click away.

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