Mark has answered the C.A.L.L. (Coach, Author, Learner and Leader)

Mark is a life-long learner, leadership influencer, qualitative researcher and an ever transforming person of faith. While riding the rollercoaster of life Mark has met success and setback in both his personal and professional life. Fueled with exuberant optimism and enduring spirituality, he has effectively traversed the relational traumas of life; death of those he loved, divorce and self-doubt.

A self-admitted “blue collar scholar, Kolkman has white-knuckled the rollercoaster of life in personal relationships and vocational pursuits. During his more than 25 year professional career, Mark has met much success and many setbacks. Always curious to find emerging areas for greater impact, Mark has never feared vocational transitions. Over the years he has successfully repositioned himself to be influential in three significant roles; classroom teacher, school administrator and executive leader.

As a teacher and coach he changed the lives of thousands of teenagers through his compassionate engagement with students in the classroom and on the field. When tapped to serve as an educational leader and then called into ministry as a church executive, he in turn influenced the lives, families and careers of hundreds of adults by wadding head first into the relational mishmash that is the human condition.

In each role and in every space, Kolkman consistently listens, leads and loves those around him by seeking authentic ways to inspire others to dream more, believe more and achieve more. Whether in the workplace, his professional network, community of faith or while relaxing at the local Starbucks, Mark is always looking for new ways to add value to others. 

Transformational Coach

Mark is a certified transformation coach, specializing in fun, successful clients who are searching for a coach and accountability partner to make substantive changes in the physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual components of their lives and businesses. Mark uses a formal process personalized so that each client gains clarity, grows competence, gives confidence and lives a burgeoning and congruent life at home and at work!

Find out today if a transformational coach might be right for you and explore how the SOUL of your story might reveal the HEART of what matters in your physical, intellectual, emotional and spiritual life. Simply follow the link to schedule a FREE, no obligation Concept Clarity call with Mark at your earliest convenience.

Professional Keynote Speaker

Mark is an influencer whose reputation for integrity, empathy and consistent reliability spans the Chicago metropolitan for almost 30 years. A personal brand ambassador with a dynamic flare for public speaking, Mark has delivered commencement addresses before audiences of more than 5000, preached sermons to congregations of 50, 150 and 2500 and has lead professional development seminars for groups or all sizes. His engagements range from keynote speeches for small and large businesses, institutions in public education, colleges and universities to local civic organizations. Mark also leads daylong workshops for businesses and retreats for church leaders tailored to outcomes based on the select needs of his clients. In any setting, Mark inspires his audience with a vivid call to action and authentically weaves the lessons of his lifetime with the practical tenets of faith, traditional ethics and values based on people-centered leadership. Mark delivers value for his clients because he speaks from the heart through the art of storytelling. 

Interested in contacting Mark to explore how he can use the SOUL of story to reveal the HEART of what matters as a key note speaker or facilitator for your upcoming event?

A FREE, no obligation Concept Clarity Call is only one click away. Schedule a call today!

Personal Life

Mark and his wife were each born and raised in the Chicago suburbs where they still reside today. Together they are the loving parents of two great sons and the persevering owners of two so-so dogs. They are equally yoked in their faith but when it comes to professional baseball, they are a house divided.

Mark, Kim, Andrew, Trevor, Cooper and Blue

Work with Mark Today

If you are interested in contacting Mark and exploring how to use the SOUL of story to reveal the HEART of what matters, follow the link to schedule a FREE, no obligation Concept Clarity call at your earliest convenience.

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