How Good Do You WANT To Be?

Research suggests that fewer than 2% of American adults plan intentionally for the future. Sure, everyone has hopes and dreams of experiencing milestone events; college graduation, landing the first job, great adventures abroad, living single in the city, dating in a serious relationship, marriage, starting a family, buying a home and living with some sense of purpose. But very few ever sit down and write down where they want to be in the future. Fewer still are the bold and intentional souls who ever become mindful of why they want what they want.

How about you? How good do you want to be and what are you willing to exchange for realizing your vision of a preferred future?

If you are considering how to map out an intentional and purposeful future but aren’t quite sure how, I think I can help.

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Dr. Mark Kolkman

Over the turbulent years of my adult life I have persevered to overcome trauma, termination and transitions. I have done the work to dig out of the hole, so to speak, but the most significant instances of transformation and sustained recovery I have ever experienced never occurred when I went alone. Even when I had supportive friends and family, I have ever, only and always been a better version of myself when I was well coached.

And I’m not just talking about way back when in high school or college. Yes, competitive athletes are always a more likely to be a successful team player or successful individual athlete while being coached by a knowledgeable professional coach.

Consider the times in your life when you were well coached. How did it feel? What did it lead to? Were you better? Did you achieve greater success or experience wins more frequently than if you would have gone alone?

Irrespective of whether you had a close personal relationship with your coach or a staff of coaches, it is reasonable to assert that the coaching you received very likely led to better overall performance.

So if coaching helped guide you to success when you were a Little League player, gymnast, actor, Mathlete, Science Olympian, or cross country runner why would you ever stop being well coached, no matter what competitive situation you face today?

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