5 P’s of GETTING through the PANDEMIC

As I write we are about 5 weeks into the COVID-19 pandemic. Tragic loss of life, physical suffering and an unprecedented interruption to the comings and goings of individuals nationwide. Second only to human suffering are the multitude of profound, and in some cases, irreversible interruption to employment opportunities, growth of businesses and the impact of the loss of tax revenues at the local, state and federal level.

The punitive impact of COVID-19 will run a long course, one well past the full recovery of all medical cases.

But one thing I pray will also run a long course is the manner in which many individuals, communities, NFPs, NGOs, select businesses, and nearly every college, church and school have pivoted to regard themselves less and others more.

In this segment of TRANSFORMATION BEGINS TODAY (TBT), I point out the 5 P’s that I pray carry us to “Back to Better” rather than “Back to Normal”!

Watch TRANSFORMATION BEGINS TODAY (TBT) and comment in the box below about how you and your organization can use the Five P’s now in order to develop an intentional plan to get “BACK to BETTER”.

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Dr. Mark Kolkman uses the soul of story to reveal the heart of what matters.

Mark is an influencer whose reputation for integrity, empathy and consistent reliability spans the Chicago metropolitan market for almost 30 years. A personal brand ambassador with a dynamic flare for public speaking, he has taught in the classroom, coached on the field and coached or consulted in the marketplace and in life. Mark has delivered commencement addresses before audiences of more than 5000, preached sermons to congregations of 50, 150 and 500 and has led professional development seminars for groups of all sizes. His engagements range from keynote speeches for small businesses, institutions in private sector, schools, colleges and universities to local civic organizations. Mark also leads daylong workshops for businesses and retreats for church leaders tailored to outcomes based on the select needs of his clients. 

In any setting, Mark inspires his audience with a vivid call to action and authentically weaves the leadership lessons of his lifetime with the practical tenets of faith, people-centered ethics and values based on conscious leadership.

Transformation Begins Today email mark@FlexSolutions.llc

You can learn more or follow Mark anywhere you connect socially @DrMarkKolkman or email him directly at mark@FlexSolutions.llc.

If you are interested in connecting with Mark to explore more about the Back to Better Podcast, submitting a request or referral to be a guest on the show, or how to use the SOUL of story to reveal the HEART of what matters, follow the link to schedule a FREE, no obligation Concept Clarity call at your earliest convenience.

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