Every Single Day

Today is the day. This is the blog. This is the place. Today is the day, this is the blog post and this is the place I chose to begin the Every Single Day (ESD) Challenge.

If you are not yet familiar with the concept or the title, I am drawing my inspiration from Every Single Day: Daily Habits to Create Unstoppable Success, Achieve Goals Faster, and Unleash Your Extraordinary Potential, an independently published book by Bradley Charbonneau (2018). As I write this article I am less than halfway through the book, yet merely through the message in the title, the theme of the foreword, Charbonneau’s self-deprecating introduction and vivid depiction of the pain of “stories and ideas” not yet written, Charbonneau’s story has motivated me to begin. The message of the book is to practice what you fear the most and create a habit if doing what you are putting off doing the most. The book is a practical application of the proven psychology of habits forming from daily repetition. Charbonneau applies the theory to his own ensuing writing and challenges readers to due the same in any important component of their lives.

Today is the day. This is the article. This is the place. Today I chose to write.

Previously, although motivated with ideas and content, I felt as though I should delay publishing any of my writings (publicly posting on LinkedIn or WordPress) until well after I built up a good deal of relevant content. “Build up a stock pile,” I told my self, “Publish on a consistent cadence, weekly or bi-weekly; but never daily, that’s too much of an obligation.” I’d further tell myself, “Wait until you can have things peer-reviewed, or at least proofread by a buddy or former co-worker of something.”

I put limitations on myself. I hedged my bet. I made an internal excuse.

But that excuse only made sense to me but it protected my ego from the potential harm putting myself out there. When ideas or prompts came to mind I moved from the fleeting thought to jotting down a hand-written notes on an often misplaced scraps of paper or Post-It notes. Eventually I began an electronic file of ideas supported with a few sentences or key words intended to jog my memory at some subsequent time. I had the greatest of intentions but all I had to show were good ideas, thought provoking and relevant, but only ideas. No finished articles and not one piece of published content.

The excuses only made sense to protect me. The idea of having a dream was easier than acting on the dream even before the path was clear.

The ease of not committing to the cadence of publishing each day cushioned me from the fear of even beginning to write.

So today is the day. This is the article. This is the place. Today I write.

If you are interested in the concept of institutions, businesses and organizations that contribute to the well-being of all stakeholders; truly human and conscious leadership, then this blog will be a place to learn and grow.

In the coming months, I commit to further unpacking the shift from business for the sake of profit to business driven for the sake of others.

I will introduce you to corporations that measure success by how they impact the lives stakeholders, how they empower and heal the lives of employees.

I will turn the spotlight on schools using instructional time to teach learners of all ages the qualities of character, empathy and vulnerability by acting as a guide in the journey of self-discovery, faith, hope and love.

I will celebrate select institutions of higher education that are presently changing the paradigm of leadership by reinventing course descriptions, pedagogical methods, MBA programs and school principal licensure to imbue ethics, character, empathy and mindfulness!

This blog will be a place to learn and grow in the coming days.

Up Next: I am looking forward to writing about the work of Raj Sisodia, author of the recent book The Healing Organization: Awakening the Conscience of Business to Help Save the World, and many other works.

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Today is the most experienced you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be.