Don’t Hide

I love to dissect the methods and means of marketing and advertisement strategies. Whether on television, online or in print media, the goal of marketing and advertisement is to prompt consumers to buy a product, a service or adopt an idea.  At the core,  the big idea of marketing is to create movement in consumer trends and to increase sales, attendance or market share. And during any election cycle or campaign year, well we know that every ad is trying to sway our vote! Knowing this to be true, I do my best to be a well informed consumer by paying close attention to the meaning, methods and motives of as much print copy, tag lines and imagery as I can.

Some time ago I was struck by the implied meaning of an ad I saw on TV. I don’t recall the product or service being pitched in one particular ad, but the tag line really stuck out and stayed with me over time. While the advertisement didn’t get me to buy the product for which it was intended, it did get me to think and late to write this article.

The tag line was simple, even blunt. It wasn’t a jingle or a limerick that included the name of the product. It was merely two words that served as a challenge to a particular demographic or niche.

The two words were; “Don’t hide!”

The words were neither encouraging, descriptive or specific. Rather, the blunt directive was intended to sting just enough that a prospective consumer would feel a tinge of guilt that in some area of their life they were in fact hiding and that purchasing this product would immediately thrust them out of the ease of obscurity and into bold over overachievement. Perhaps. But these subtexts are why I am a skeptical connoisseur of communications.

On the lighter side, ”Don’t hide!” could be motivational to us all. Whether we are professionals, students or aspiring to achieve great things in our lives of for the lives of others, don’t hide means stand out at what you do.

Be conspicuous for the good work you do, be noticed for the consistency of your character.

In what ever you do, don’t hide, it’s as simple as that.

Dr. Mark Kolkman uses the soul of story to reveal the heart of what matters.

Mark is an influencer whose reputation for integrity, empathy and consistent reliability spans the Chicago metropolitan market for almost 30 years. A personal brand ambassador with a dynamic flare for public speaking, he has taught in the classroom, coached on the field and coached or consulted in the marketplace and in life. Mark has delivered commencement addresses before audiences of more than 5000, preached sermons to congregations of 50, 150 and 500 and has led professional development seminars for groups of all sizes. His engagements range from keynote speeches for small businesses, institutions in private sector, schools, colleges and universities to local civic organizations. Mark also leads daylong workshops for businesses and retreats for church leaders tailored to outcomes based on the select needs of his clients. In any setting, Mark inspires his audience with a vivid call to action and authentically weaves the leadership lessons of his lifetime with the practical tenets of faith, people-centered ethics and values based on conscious leadership. 

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